Let’s face it, visiting an erectile dysfunction (ED) clinic for the first time can be a little unnerving. We’re here to put your mind at ease by helping you learn more about what to expect when you walk through the doors at Georgia Male Performance Clinic.

Don’t let fear and anxiety keep you from accessing the ED treatments that will help you enjoy life again. Our dedicated and compassionate team is here to make sure the process is confidential and hassle-free. One thing is sure: You will never feel shame or embarrassment at our clinic. Instead, you’ll experience hope for healing and excitement about treatment options to enhance your sex life.

Your Private ED Consultation

After you submit our online form or call our office for a free consultation, we will set up an appointment that is convenient for your busy schedule. During the confidential consultation, we will spend all the time necessary to gain an in-depth understanding of your symptoms and treatment goals.

We’ll also explain all of our top treatment options, including:

You will have plenty of time to ask as many questions as you like. If you bring your partner with you to the consultation, they are also free to ask questions. You’ll never have to worry about asking a wrong or silly question. We are here to provide you with answers and details, so you can leave your consultation armed with the complete information you need to make an informed treatment decision.

Are the Treatments Painful?

Many people visiting our clinic for the first time worry about the pain involved in the erectile dysfunction treatments. Thinking about needles, shots, and treatments in that area of your body can certainly bring on some anxiety. The good news is that all of our ED treatments are pain-free and non-surgical. Our clients are amazed by the results they receive without suffering through even a moment of pain.

Will I Need to Come to the Clinic More Than Once?

Most of our treatments include more than one visit to the clinic, but the frequency depends on your individual treatment goals and results. Your doctor will be able to provide you with the details regarding your personal treatment plan, so you can know what to expect as you move forward.

Schedule Your Private Consultation with Our ED Clinic Today

If you are ready to experience relief from your erectile dysfunction symptoms, connect with Georgia Male Performance Clinic online now for a free, private, and 100% confidential consultation. We understand visiting an ED clinic for the first time can be overwhelming. We promise to make your entire treatment experience as positive as possible—from your very first visit to our office.