Regenerative cell therapy promotes tissue and organ repair, restoration, and regeneration. It works at a cellular level to facilitate healing. Rather than only treating symptoms or providing a temporary fix, regenerative medicine addresses the root issue and repairs to restore proper function, so the tissue performs as it should within the body’s system.

Is regenerative cell therapy right for your health needs? Let’s take a closer look at how it works and what you can expect.

How Cell Therapy Promotes More Efficient Healing

As you age, you will experience a significant decrease of stem cells in your body. This can make it more challenging to heal. With regenerative cell therapy, your body will experience enhanced healing through an injection of healthy cells in the area of damaged tissue.

The immune cells in regeneration cell therapy can be cytokines, platelets, or stem cells. The injection of these cells stimulates tissue regeneration while reducing inflammation, making it easier for the body to heal in less time. In addition to stimulating the body’s cells, the therapy mobilizes the immune system to focus on damaged areas for healing.

In other words, regeneration cell therapy helps your aging body perform more like a youthful body with faster, more efficient healing.

Boost Male Performance

While cell therapy can treat numerous health issues, men suffering from male performance conditions like erectile dysfunction report outstanding results. At Georgia Male Performance Clinic, we use regenerative cells from Wharton’s jelly, the connective tissue in the umbilical cord. These cells have a unique ability to replicate, providing an advantage over adult cells. As a result, they can repair damaged penile tissue faster and work for a longer period of time. The Wharton’s Jelly tissue signals the body to repair itself at the source of the problem to overcome inefficient healing.

What can you expect from Wharton’s Jelly regenerative cell therapy for erectile dysfunction? Many patients experience restoration to erection functions. They can recover spontaneous, hard erections without implants, painful injections, or medications like Viagra.

Other benefits of this type of cell therapy include:

  • Healing regardless of the cause of the erectile dysfunction; this treatment works for male performance issues related to diabetes, tissue damage, and low testosterone.
  • Fast, safe, and non-surgical procedure; it only takes about 30 minutes to perform and uses numbing cream and nerve block to make the process pain-free.
  • Many patients enjoy enhanced sexual performance, sexual desire, and longer, firmer erections within two to four weeks; improvements will continue over the six to 12 months after the procedure.
  • No long recovery time or downtime is necessary; many patients resume daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Schedule a Consultation for Regenerative Cell Therapy

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