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Are you having trouble achieving or maintaining firmness during relations?
Are you loosing erections and unable to satisfy your partner?
Are you suffering from Premature Ejaculation?
Are you suffering from Peyronie’s Disease?
Do you suffer from low Libido (low sex drive)?
Is there a mismatch with your spouse and wish you were bigger?
Do you wish there was a non-pharmaceutical way to treat erectile dysfunction?

Georgia Male Performance Clinic has all the therapies that can get you and keep you up when you or your partner needs arise.

We are the only and leading provider of the most advanced focused shockwave therapy available today. Our clinic specializes in proven ED treatments backed by extensive clinical researches and patient trials, we provide safe, effective, painless, and non-surgical procedures that will greatly improve your erections and let you enjoy much longer sexual connections and pleasures.

 Aging, medical condition, and life styles greatly affect blood flow into the penis which is essential for a firm rigid erection, low blood flow leads to decrease in sexual performance and desire, pills alone will not fix sexual problems. Our experienced board certified doctors will customize the best treatments regardless of your age or medical condition so you can start performing on demand with full confidence.

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Georgia Male Performance Clinic has the real solutions for most conditions with exceptional results that exceed expectations to enjoy healthier and spontaneous sexual relationships.

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Summary: The main characteristic of this revolutionary treatment is its potential to restore erectile function in these patients without any side effects and the need for a PDE5i.

Conclusion: LIST is effective in the short term even in men with severe ED who are no longer able to achieve satisfactory sexual intercourse with PDE5i medications. Physicians who treat these patients now have evidence regarding the success rate and can advise patients accordingly.

Conclusions:The mechanism of LI-ESWT is to improve or even reverse the pathologic damage of tissue that causes ED. From our review, it is clear that LI-ESWT may have the potential to be the first-choice noninvasive treatment for patients with ED.

Conclusions: Based on our results, LI-ESWT appears to have the potential to be a rapid and curative therapy for ED. Even if the therapeutic effect will be short-lasting, it can be easily repeated.

Georgia Male Performance Clinic is one of the leading medical clinics trained and certified to perform the revolutionary and innovative Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), also known as GAINSWave® Therapy for (ED) erectile dysfunction, and other male enhancement procedures in Gwinnett County and the metro Atlanta area. Our clinic is a specialty clinic that focuses on ED issues and believes in restoring confidence, vitality and sexual wellness for men. We offer private, confidential, and comfortable setting for our patients.

Our staff members are professional, respectful, and experienced in diagnosing and treating sexual male concerns and have a long history of treating patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction. We understand that each patient is unique therefore our treatments are tailored to the condition and severity of the patient.


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