Wharton’s Jelly Allografts


Georgia Male Performance is proud to offer Wharton’s Jelly Allografts Advanced Medical Breakthrough for Erectile Dysfunction

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine refers to therapies that are able to repair, restore and regenerate damaged tissues in the body. These treatments represent a significant advancement from traditional ones that only offer symptom relief as a proverbial “band-aid”.

The regenerative materials are ethically derived and do not contain any material obtained from an embryo or fetus. The birth tissue allografts are derived from healthy, consenting mothers after full-term, live, planned, C-Section deliveries.

The FDA strictly regulates the process of how these tissues are acquired, tested, processed and stored to ensure the highest level of patient safety. They are regulated under section 361 of the Public Health Service Act (PHS) and 21 CFR Part 1271.

What is Wharton’s Jelly?

 Wharton’s Jelly is the structural connective tissue found in the umbilical cord. This structural connective tissue provides cushioning and structural support to the vasculature in the umbilical cord.

Wharton’s Jelly contains high concentrations of regenerative materials:

  • Growth Factors
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s)
  • Cytokines
  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid

      How Does Wharton’s Jelly Regenerative Materials Work?

      Healthy tissue can become dysfunctional due to age and injury. The Wharton’s Jelly cell tissue product is injected into the damaged area to repair, reconstruct, replace, or supplement the same basic functions of the recipient cells and tissues. The biologic elements in the Wharton’s Jelly materials work together to repair damaged tissue and also facilitate one’s own body to assist in the process as well. The regenerative materials used are predominantly acting as signals to one’s body, telling the body to “get to work” and repair itself.

      What Conditions Benefit from Wharton’s Jelly?

      With the way these biologics are regulated by the FDA, they may be used for conditions where physicians deem them to be safe and clinically useful.

      Wharton’s Jelly products have shown benefits for:

      • Erectile Dysfunction
      • Sports Injuries
      • Soft Tissue Conditions: Tendonitis, Bursitis, Ligament Injury
      • Plantar Fasciitis
      • Arthritis: All Types

      > Wharton’s Jelly regenerative cells therapy can benefit patients with diabetes and prostate surgery and shown to restore erection functions
      > Very promising and possibly the prominent long term solution for erectile dysfunction

      > Leads men to recover hard and spontaneous erections without the use of PDE5 inhibitors (such as Viagra), injections, or implants

      Georgia Male Performance Regenerative Cells Therapy Advantage:

      • We use regenerative cells that have been extracted from the Wharton’s jelly within the umbilical cord, they are unique in their capacity to replicate in culture which gives them an advantage over adult (somatic) cells by providing greater number of replacement cells to repair damaged penile tissue quicker and lasting longer.
      • Regenerative Cells Therapy is the newest most effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction (ED) regardless of  ED various causes including diabetes, penile cell tissue damage, and low testosterone, among others
      • The procedure, which typically lasts 30 minutes is performed in our clinic, it is safe and non-surgical. Nerve block and numbing cream are applied to the penis and make it completely painless before the regenerative cells are injected into the penis (corpus cavernosum).  The Injected cells naturally begin the restoration process by regenerating, replacing, and repairing cells and tissues that have been damaged.
      • Regenerative Cells Therapy regenerates erectile tissue and make you healthier after receiving the injections
      • Most patients will experience much improved sexual performance, longer and firmer erections, and increased sexual desire. Results typically apparent within 2-4 weeks, improvements will continue to improve for the next 6-12 months
      • No downtime or lengthy recovery, men can resume normal daily functions immediately after procedure, some men may experience minimal discomfort, common side effects may include slight swelling, redness and bruising that lasts 12-24 hours. As with any medical treatment, patient results may vary from patient to patient.


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