Any man dealing with erectile dysfunction is ready to try the best male impotence treatments available. While ED often gets swept under the rug due to social stigma, it’s a legitimate medical issue that deserves attention. Proper treatment of ED can help a man achieve lasting erections and have a satisfying sex life. There’s no reason to put off seeking help any longer. One of these three treatments may change your life—and your lover’s life—for the better.

1. Regenerative Cell Therapy

These powerful cells can transform into literally any type of cell in the human body. Scientists feel regenerative cells play a vital role in healing. For those suffering from impotence, these cells may help reverse the disorder.

When it comes to treating ED, regenerative cells bind to unhealthy cells and start repairing the damage. This is especially helpful if an injury, stress, hypertension, or age triggered the disorder. A doctor injects the regenerative cells directly into the injured tissue. The cells quickly get to work. This groundbreaking treatment shows promise in reversing and healing the symptoms of impotence.

2. GAINSWave Therapy

Reduced blood flow is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction in many men. In fact, over half of the men diagnosed with ED experience some degree of decreased blood flow. This makes it almost impossible to get an erection. At least that was the case before GAINSWave Therapy entered the market.

GAINSWave Therapy is unique because it’s both non-invasive and there’s no discomfort during treatment. The doctor uses sound and energy waves to break up plaque formations inside the penis. This plaque buildup inhibits blood flow and leads to impotence. After about six sessions, most men see a marked improvement in their ability to get and maintain a healthy erection.

3. P-Shot Treatment

Erectile dysfunction inflicts men of all ages and races. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain prostate conditions often have a higher risk of developing ED. For these men, the P-Shot may help to improve erections. Although no one wants to get a shot in their nether regions, it has been shown to have positive results. Those who’ve undergone the treatment report it’s relatively painless and easy.

P-Shot gives almost instantaneous results. After treatment, men report getting stronger erections and having an improved sex drive. P-Shot also improves penis length and girth by up to 20-percent.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in a Private Setting

Until the word penis loses its social stigma, people will continue to feel shame about their erectile dysfunction. Here at Georgia Male Performance, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Countless men struggle with ED daily, but we’re here to help. Our clinic offers a judgment-free, safe, and private place to discuss treatment options. We’re ready to help you get your sex life back. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our proven male impotence treatments.