If you’ve been disappointed by treatments for erectile dysfunction, you may feel like giving up. Is it even possible to find effective male performance enhancement therapies? Take heart—we have a list of the top four therapies giving patients excellent results. Even if treatments haven’t worked for them before, patients are discovering that the latest therapies to enhance male performance are more effective. Plus, they are non-invasive and pain-free.

Take a closer look at the top four ED and penis enhancement therapies available today:

#1: GAINSWave Therapy

This therapy is an innovative ED treatment that reverses the symptoms of ED resulting from decreased penile blood flow. GAINSWave is a safe, in-patient procedure that requires only 15 to 20 minutes each session. It uses pain-free, non-invasive Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy (ASWT) to increase blood flow to the penis, which helps patients to achieve firmer and longer-lasting erections. For best results, patients should receive six treatments over three weeks. However, many patients experience improved spontaneous erections and increased sensation following the initial treatment.

#2: P-Shot Treatment

Another safe and pain-free treatment, the Priapus Shot, or P-Shot, is a non-surgical injection to the penis. It uses an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate the penis, increasing length and girth. Patients can expect from 10 to 20% increase in penis size within two to three months of treatment. Many experience results immediately. The P-Shot creates healthier penis tissue and blood vessels, which not only increase size but also enhance sensation and sexual desire.

#3: GAINSMax Enhancement

This powerful therapy combines four different treatments to dramatically improve male sexual performance and enhance enjoyment for both partners. The therapeutic plan includes:

  • 2 P-Shots
  • 6 GainsWave Treatments
  • AFFIRM – a 100% natural supplement featuring nitric oxide, Asian ginseng, and muira puama to increase blood flow to the penis
  • Penis pump to maximize penile blood flow and lengthen the tissue

#4: Low Testosterone Treatment

If you determine a low testosterone level is the source of your sexual performance struggles, Low-T treatment may be your solution. We customize your hormone therapy based on your lab test results and unique physiology. This tailored approach provides better outcomes for patients who have not been satisfied with previous hormone therapies.

You’ll insert the specially formulated pellets subcutaneously in the body—the process is quick and pain-free. The consistent dosing of bioidentical hormones your body needs will help you feel better within weeks. Patients report improvements in sexual performance and an increase in sexual desire.

Improve Your Sexual Performance with a Therapy That Works

At Georgia Male Performance Clinic, we’ve helped countless men who had lost hope. They believed they would never experience relief from ED and sexual performance issues. But our therapies gave them a new lease on life. Will you be next? Let us connect you with the custom treatment plan to meet your needs.

Want to find out which of these top male performance enhancement therapies are right for you? Schedule a private consultation with our compassionate team at Georgia Male Performance Clinic today.